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Even if you've never used a tool on your bike before!

Unlock your DIY potential to go from having no idea where to start, who to ask, or how much it costs to handle your bike's needs to accomplishing pro level services that keep your bike turnin' and burnin' on the road where it belongs. 

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See what some people achieved..

Fredrick F.

"Cody my friend your videos and content on motorcycles is out of this world. With the help of your content videos, I was able to confidently rip this bike apart and put it back together a million times better then I found it. I am beyond blessed to say after getting it put back together this afternoon she fired up, IMMEDIATELY!! !! I want to extend a truly heartfelt thank you."


"SHE STARTS! I can't believe I got this far! I can honestly say I would not have gotten this far without the content! - This is my first bike with no motorcycle experience. You have a great way of teaching and explaining your troubleshooting!"

Tony A.

"Great videos, learning new tips and tricks increase my potential to diagnose and rectify issues and problems, as well as preventative maintenance to ensure longevity of the bike and make it safe for me to use. You guys have really nailed it. Thanks so so much. They should make this course mandatory for your learners permit before hitting the road, thanks again."

Cody Richards

Hi! I'm Cody Richards - Red Level Honda motorcycle & ATV Tech, content creator and founder of The MotorcycleMD

Matthew Bochnak

Hi! I'm Matt - Mechanical Engineer, a motorcycle Hobbyist with 20 years experience and founder of How-To Motorcycle Repair

Motorcycles can be complicated.
Without a basic understanding, where do you even start..

With the amount of content and "How-To" videos from "Joe's Hack and Tack" DIY channel, it is almost impossible to go into a repair or simple maintenance job on your bike with the full confidence that you are going to make things better rather than worse. 

We all know the stigma that goes with repair facilities and the money and time wasted just to find a shop you can trust.

The truth is... With proper technique, a little common sense and the basic fundamentals of how motorcycles run and operate:

  • It doesn't matter how different systems become with age and modern technology
  • It doesn't matter what brand or model motorcycle you have
  • It doesn't matter how "seasoned" of a rider you are or how "mechanically inclined" you should be

 All Motorcycles function based off a standard, fundamental set of principles.


The truth is, the fear of the unknown... 

mixed with a lack of confidence is the #1 reason why people choose not to service their own bikes.

 Nobody enjoys spending time grasping for answers to questions about their motorcycle all over forums, groups, and "just get to the point already!' YouTube channels...

Only to be put down or ignored with your "newbie question" or better yet, sent down rabbit hole suggestions or fixes that may have nothing to do with your bikes issue...Or worse, ending up even more confused on who to trust, what to believe, or where to even start.

But we have all been me.

- Made costly or stupid mistakes
- Gotten into a repair and quickly realize you may be in over your head
- Purchased parts we didn't need or purchased cheap parts hoping for an easy quick fix
- Wasted time in areas we never needed to be in

Our personal favorite, the ole' shotgun approach. Blasting your bike with every new part you can buy to end up with the same issue from the start.


 Let's lay out the facts..

Dealerships and fly by night repair shops labor prices are only going up...never down. Which leaves you with two options. 

1. The cheaper route.. Take your beloved bike to some mom and pop place that offers you cheaper prices over the phone for repairs... In rare cases, the shop has a decent tech or two who knows what he or she is doing. But in most cases, that is far from reality. They likely lack the technical backing of your models bike. They may have never worked on your model or have never heard of your issue or where to start on fixing it properly. They offer cheaper prices because they likely don't know what they are fully getting into. They may go as far as being wise enough to put factory brand parts in your bike but that is rare. One thing to keep in mind is this.... The less they can spend in parts the more they can charge in labor. FACT.. Techs make money on labor not parts. Cutting corners means a fatter check...period.

Worth it? Maybe.. That is the risk both your safety and your wallet has to take.

2. The expensive route... Take your bike to a dealership. Here you are at the mercy of both inflation and like any shop, the honesty of the establishment.. The techs are likely better and more trained to give you the results you need to get your bike back on the road but you are going to pay for it. Part prices are typically 100% marked up. FACT.. Outside of Labor costs and parts. You will likely see upwards of 50-100$ in shop supplies, EPA fees and additional taxes on both labor and parts. FACT.. In some cases, this entire process is worth it. Some repairs require very advanced skills, special tools and someone to devote the hours focusing on just your bike. You need them to be 100%. Your LIFE depends on it.



On average, shop labor rates range from $100 - $180 per hour...

Carburetor cleanings typically range:  $350 - $1600 parts and labor.

Oil changes: $55 - $90 parts and labor

Aftermarket accessories/lighting: $180 - 700$ (depending on what it is)

Full service tune ups (fluids, plugs, filters): $350 - $850 parts and labor

Valve adjustments: $300 - $650

Electrical Diagnosis: Minimum 1hr charge - However long it takes?

Tires: $250 - $750 parts and labor

Brakes: $180 - $300 parts and labor

Engine rebuilds: $1200 - $3000 parts and labor

Trans/Driveline (clutch, chain and sprockets, transmission etc): $300 - $2000 parts and labor

PGMFI issues: $300 - $1000 parts and labor



But let me ask you..

What if you could learn the in's and out's of your motorcycle to be able to do even the small things that are so often missed by motorcycle owners that could save you literally hundreds of dollars down the road.

What if you could sit down with your phone and tools, gain insight on motorcycle maintenance with quality, "to the point" video sources you can trust? Being able to follow along with premium videos that show you the basics in the technique, common knowledge and "in the field" tips and tricks to properly service all topics of the motorcycle,
 AT YOUR OWN SPEED? (Even the ones that shops don't want you to know.. )

The truth is.. to be a reliable, consistent and trustworthy motorcycle repair technician. You need to spend DECADES in the field. Breaking, fixing, learning and studying the common issues and facing the not so common issues that come through the shop time and time again. 




 An all-in-on video treasure chest of all things motorcycle repair and maintenance that's broken down in a step-by-step easy to understand way to discover just how easy it can be to service your own bike, on your own time, with your own hands.

 The Motorcycle Repair Masterclass covers topics such as: 

  • DIY garage set up and layouts 
  • Tool suggestions from factory trained to weekend warriors 
  • Resources to know where to buy parts and source manuals
  • Brakes
  • Wheels and Tires
  • Fuel and Air
  • Carburetor tuning and cleaning
  • Basic engine fundamentals and care
  • Different electrical systems on your bike
  • Troubleshooting help on all areas of the bike
  • Basic Suspension info
  • Maintaining Your bikes fluids 
  • Tips and tricks on repairs and service 

Gain instant access to over 140+ premium videos and own them forever. A constant source of help to lean on over and over again for just ONE payment of 189$

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  • Over 130+ premium in-depth videos on maintenance and repairs
  • Decades of experience and insight into all areas of a motorcycle compiled into one massive repair resource
  • Piles of helpful resources on parts and tools
  • 30 day money back guarantee   




  • TWO payment option to split up your investment
  • Over 130+ premium in-depth videos on maintenance and repairs
  • Decades of experience and insight into all areas of a motorcycle compiled into one massive repair resource
  • Piles of helpful resources on parts and tools
  • 30 day money back guarantee   

Don't forget: it's completely risk free

To make it a no-brainer deal for you, Matt and I want to give you a 30 day 100% money-back guarantee with your purchase of The Motorcycle Repair Masterclass.

That’s right: Go through the courses, enjoy and learn from all the content, follow the steps, put in the work, and if you don’t love it in the first 30 days of your purchase, send us an email and are team will refund you immediately. No questions asked, no hard feelings. If you aren't happy, we don't deserve your money. It's that simple.


sorry we had to say it..

Not only is this course fully accessible on any large monitor screen. The entire course is on an app! You can download the "Kajabi" app and log straight into your courses library to watch everything from your phone. 

We know most people search for helpful videos in the moment when your faced with an issue on your bike. So why not make a course this helpful be able to be accessed straight from your pocket when you need it most?!